Sunday, August 9, 2009

weekend yg x best!!

madeh demam panas...when i say panas..i do mean sgt panas k...almost 40 degree celcius!!me being a cepat-gelabah dah mula fikir yg bkn2..adakah diriku ini dijangkiti H1N1???oh no!!!!!

bgn je saturday morning tu mmg xlarat sgt nak angkat kepala...kepala nie berdenyut-denyut like its going to explode soon!!!!called HIM and he forced me to see mr.doc..yup..he have to FORCE me coz he knew dat im too lazy to see mr.doc..huhuhu..i went to see da mr.doc eventually with the help of my lovlies neighbour who are soo kind to send me to the clinic..coz i dont have the strength to drive myself there....thanks k.lenee,k.huda n u all...muahxx!!!

so bl dah blk...terus telan ubat n madeh pon hilang ke alam dah bgn barula rasa lega sikit..but still..didn't fully recovered here i am..typing this entry while waiting my next timing to take the medicine....=)

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