Tuesday, February 17, 2009

healthy diet

just found out that i gained 2kilos..huhuhu..so..frustrated..determined to take some action on dat..n now..step 1-->healthy diet..no more oily food n no more meal after 7.30pm...n my diet started wif JOHOR'S YONG TAU FO...(is it da rite spellling??)..it filled with veggies ok...but not so sure about the soup..tp mcm x oily sgtla..hehehe..hantam sajalah...special shoutout to kak yong...mmg sedapla yong tau fo nih...tambah sedap bila di makan bersama air KATIRA--->dis 1 goes 2 abg harris..hehehee...

Monday, February 16, 2009


hmmm..saya seorang yang sgt gila2+ntah pape+suke gelak kuat2+weng ckit2...tp itu saya bl di luar kelas..but once step in my class..those characteristics gone..replaced by serious+garang+xleh gelak2...adakah itu 'hipokrit'???

Sunday, February 15, 2009

experimental post

hello evry1..just can't wait to start blogging since im da biggest blog hopping fans!!!ahahaha..(ada ke such word??)papepon..izinkan saya memperkenalkn diri..(yurks!!cam poyo)..okla..lets begin with my yesterday xtvt..--->blood donation!!!hehe..sounds scary rite??act x sakit pon..trust me!die cucuk ckit jer..and yes u'll feel numb at ur arms n if u didn't take any meal b4 da donation u might get a lil bit dizzy..but dat's all..period!pastu u'll feel relief coz u noe dat u might help sum1else with ur blood..fyi..mine o'+ve blood might help more people out there!! :p once u donate ur blood..u'll have this craving 2 donate more..(kalo nak donate utk cullen's blh x?..hehe)

so..moral value of da story....jom derma darah..n enjoy da picas(pleaseeeeeee ignore my face yg t'burnt itu)

tgk tuh..leh senyum2 lagi..betul x tipu..mmg x sakit..;p