Wednesday, May 20, 2009

new moon

madeh tgh baca buku nie now its almost a month now n only at page 117..sounds pathetic kan..?huhuhu..madeh nie membaca ke mengeja??ahahaha...xleh nak concentrate sgt coz rite now tgh exam madeh ada byk giler kerja utk disettlekan...jadi madeh decide to put my reading progress on hold dulu..n madeh akan indulge the very romantic love story between silap....between Bella n Edward kat be precise..atas tilam king size madeh yg super comfy i just love it!!! i can't wait to be back HOME!!!!!

owh..sbelum t'lupa..a zillion thanks to my besteresstttt cuzzy yg dgn x sengajae t'beli buku new moon sampai 2x..n she just have to give 1 copy to me...hehehehe..(jimat duit den!!!)to my cuzzy@mancu@mas-liyana@bronze-liyana(wt???) love u so much!!!!!


  1. dasar materialistik!! dah kasik brg baru nak syg! hahahha

  2. it's human nature bebeh...hehehe..