Tuesday, February 17, 2009

healthy diet

just found out that i gained 2kilos..huhuhu..so..frustrated..determined to take some action on dat..n now..step 1-->healthy diet..no more oily food n no more meal after 7.30pm...n my diet started wif JOHOR'S YONG TAU FO...(is it da rite spellling??)..it filled with veggies ok...but not so sure about the soup..tp mcm x oily sgtla..hehehe..hantam sajalah...special shoutout to kak yong...mmg sedapla yong tau fo nih...tambah sedap bila di makan bersama air KATIRA--->dis 1 goes 2 abg harris..hehehee...


  1. waaaaa.... nak nak nak..

    kite dah gian nak turun jb niiihhhh

  2. hehehe..mission accomplished..mmg post nih b'tujuan pancing k.yong dtg cni..mehla visit org kat adela nie..;p